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  • me when it starts getting cloudy: yeees
  • me when it starts raining: yeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS
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do you ever look at your url and think “i am so glad that i have this url. i deserve this url” 

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when ur crush posts a selfie


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#i want to remake it! yes #;hinata and kyouko escape guantanamo bay

so um

which url should i use for my new main blog

mukugiris, kirigiriies, hinagiris, or mmd-kirigiri


I like the way their clothes go with each other!

( `‿`)

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#i want to draw nagime tbh #and kyouko #yaa #;hinata and kyouko escape guantanamo bay

i want to draw but i cant find any pencils and if i go downstairs ill probably get in trouble

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Send ♋ for our muses to swap bodies!

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i was in this room upstairs with a tv bc i dont have one in my room and it has toys and shit in it and my sister and her bratty friend came into the room like “we’re coming in here!” and i said “no” and my sister went to tell on me and then my sisters friend was trying to make me leave like “your on the computer you arent even watching tv! get out! you cant do 2 things at once!” and i thought i twas my sister because rly what kind of guest talks to the person who lives there like that and i was like “shut up” and she looked so shocked and i felt like laughing but i didnt and i just went on to tell her i didnt like her and that she was a brat AND THE LOOK ON HER FACE WAS PRICELESS. she got mad and tried to insult me and i was like “no. im 13 and youre 7. i dont like you. dont talk to me.” “im not 7!” “well that was a compliment considering youre acting like a 5 year old.” SHE GOT SO MA D IT WAS HILARIOUS AND THEY HAD TO GO TO A DIFFERENT ROOM!!!

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what urls u got

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#i should remake my main blog #but that means picking 1 url im gonna cry #;hinata and kyouko escape guantanamo bay

i just hoarded a bunch of urls